How To Estimate Skip Bin Sizes And Requirements

It is possible to estimate the size of a skip bin by using the standard sizes that are given in cubic metres. A single cubic metre of capacity is equivalent to one standard box trailer or four standard wheelie bins


Hiring the right size skip bin can be a daunting task when you’re planning a move, decluttering, or a renovation project; this guide simplifies the estimations and calculations required to select the perfect size, as well as helping you to stay on budget and preventing delays. Are you looking for a 2 cubic metre or 8 cubic metre skip bin? Not to worry, find the size and cost information you need right here.


Below is a list of the most common skip bin sizes found in Australia, their purpose, and an approximate cost.


2m3 Skip Bin

Capacity: 2 box trailers or 8 wheelie bins

Cost: $295.00 – $335.00 (3-14 day hire)

For small clean-up projects, such as decluttering a garage or disposing of garden waste, a 2 cubic metre skip is appropriate.


3m3 Skip Bin

Capacity: 3 box trailers or 12 wheelie bins

Cost: $395.00 – $435.00 (3-14 day hire)

If you’re moving house or working on a smaller home improvement project, like a bathroom renovation, a 3 cubic metre bin can provide you with more room for your clear-outs.


4m3 Skip Bin

Capacity: 4 box trailers or 16 wheelie bins

Cost: $495.00 – $535.00 (3-14 day hire)

If you’re performing kitchen or bathroom renovations, a 4m3 skip bin is generally enough. However, if you’re moving house and need to get rid of a good amount of clutter, a 4 cubic metre skip bin could be a safer option than a smaller one.


6m3 Skip Bin

Capacity: 6 box trailers or 24 wheelie bins

Cost: $765.00 – $805.00 (3-14 day hire)

For a larger house move or garden clean-up, a 6 cubic metre skip is the most popular skip bin size.


8m3 Skip Bin

Capacity: 8 box trailers or 32 wheelie bins

Cost: $990.00 – $1,030.00 (3-14 day hire)

If you are beginning a more extensive improvement project, such as an extension or large renovation.



Before hiring a skip bin for your project, it’s important to take into consideration the range of prices. Overspending on an unnecessarily large bin is uneconomical and can negatively affect your budget, but underestimating can be costly too. When thinking about the skip bin size that is right for you, make sure to account for practical things like whether or not you need a council permit or if there are any restrictions for what materials can and cannot be placed in the skip. It is usually more cost-effective to hire one large bin as opposed to multiple smaller ones, however smaller skips are more convenient to transport and empty as you go. Communication with your skip hire company is key when it comes to getting the best price and services for your project – be sure to provide them with all the necessary information.


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